Conversational English

Would you like to feel more confident when speaking in English? Do you want to improve your listening skills, vocabulary base, knowledge of sentence structures, and pronunciation? You have come to the right place!

With our intensive weekly classes, you will speak and interact in English with increasing confidence and fluency.

Conversation classes are offered in pairs, or in small groups of 4 to 5 students, so that everyone has ample opportunity to speak and participate! Classes are held online via Zoom.

What are our conversation classes like?

While every class can be different, conversation classes typically include: vocabulary study, an article to read or video to watch, and open ended questions about the topic at hand. There are many opportunities to exchange ideas (listen and speak), correct pronunciation, and improve grammatical usage. Topics include: travel, culture, holidays, psychology, history, music, food, movies, art, current events and much more! 

Who are conversation classes for?

Intermediate to Advanced level English language learners who want to build their fluency, improve pronunciation and master their listening skills.

Individuals who are shy and want to get over their fear of speaking English, in a supportive and friendly environment.

Students who prefer less formality in class, but still want to learn through uniquely planned lessons that focus on their needs and interests.

People who enjoy learning through relevant contexts that they can relate to.


Classes with Michelle pass in an instant because she is an extremely fun, positive and cheerful person. We have great conversations about the videos and texts she has prepared. She explains things clearly and logically and she is encouraging. Even after a full day of work, It is never boring or tiring in Michelle’s lessons.

Ivana Brač

Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics

Michelle creates a safe space to explore and experiment with English, and I can trust her to correct me if I make a mistake. She is a very patient, open, kind and adaptable teacher. She values the student’s needs and goals in learning English and explains at the beginning of the course how she will adapt the lessons in order to meet these goals. It seems as if one hour with Michelle flies by in the blink of an eye because she combines various activities and skills so that the classes are fun and dynamic, which, as an adult, is really refreshing for me at the end of a work day. After completing a three month conversation course (one lesson per week), I feel more confident using English and see an improvement in my daily use of English. That’s why I intend to continue studying with Michelle.

Helena Dobrosavljević

German Translator

I really liked working with you because you are very professional and you know how to transfer that knowledge in a perfect way. It’s always interesting and very fun in your class and it always passes me by too quickly. I looked forward to every hour!

Lili Martinić

Massage Therapist

After our discovery call, my girlfriend and I decided to take English lessons with Michelle. During our discovery call, Michelle was very friendly, and she even corrected our mistakes for free, not knowing if she would be working with us. We took a conversational class with some added grammar specifically for our case. Michelle was open and friendly when clarifying and resolving our uncertainties. On top of that her classes are interesting, and you will certainly learn something new in the fields of technology,history, or even music. We like classes with Michelle, and we are looking forward to learning with her in the future.


IT Architect

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