In private adult classes, students can holistically develop their English skills through meaningful contexts and personally relevant topics that enhance their lives. I am not talking about courses that prepare you to take a specific exam; rather, I am speaking of programs designed to get you to meet your personal needs at work or in day to day life in general. For example, maybe you just want to be able to speak English with more confidence, fluency and ease. Or perhaps you want to improve your networking or interviewing skills in English. In either case, your private class will be designed in a way that provides you with opportunities to develop and express your inner understandings through the meaningful context you have chosen to study English in.

In a private Online Adult course, holistic approaches look like:

  • Conversation classes with topics that are interesting or relevant to you. New vocabulary and expressions are gained through multiple intelligences, including visuals, short texts and video content. We explore useful, popular topics, or anything you find motivating. Through our conversations we discover which language structures, or grammar points, you may need more knowledge of and practice with. Then we’ll stop to look at them through a highlighted study that involves application of the grammar point in a variety of ways, including: locating it in texts, writing, listening to songs or recording video presentations. In this way you will build your awareness of the language structure and be able to consciously apply it with confidence over time.
  • If you’re enrolled in an English for Professionals course, we will address your specific work related goals. Do you want to feel more confident speaking in English with clients and colleagues? We’ll practice that through role plays and scenarios. Do you want to improve your email communications? We’ll do that. Perhaps you want to apply for an English speaking job? We won’t just go through the motions of how. We’ll coach you to having a positive mind set while learning the language skills needed. You will leave knowing that you can do this!
  • English for Professionals drop in classes or short courses are perfect for those professionals who want a native English speaking pro to proofread their academic or professional papers, or to coach them on that important upcoming presentation. You will get tips that do not just correct your errors, but which will build your language awareness so that you can apply this new found knowledge to future papers and presentations. Also, when practicing presentations, we will give you helpful tools and feedback specifically for you, to make it engaging for your audience, and to leave you feeling more confident too!

If you are interested in holistic language coaching, go ahead and contact us for a free discovery call!  Take that first step and find out more! We are here to help you achieve your goals and to apply language meaningfully in your life!