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Our mission is to provide a caring environment that is deliberately planned to meet your child’ s needs and in which your child feels safe to take risks as a learner.

Small Group English Classes

Provide your child with the best foundation in English by giving them the opportunity to learn with a native speaker and literacy specialist, in a caring and supportive small group environment.

Your child will receive plenty of individual attention, as well as the chance to interact, play, talk and learn with peers in fun and engaging ways!

Group classes (up to 5 children) begin in September and continue throughout the school year. Book your spot today!

We provide your child with the BEST!

We use picture books, e-books, games, multi-sensory and interactive approaches while encouraging your child to think critically and express themselves creatively.

Students work on activities, and projects that are relevant, meaningful and engaging.

Our resources and teaching strategies are based on current, professional educational practices used in Canadian and international schools.

English 1 to 1 - Private Lessons & Tutorial Support

One to one classes focus on your child’s specific language needs. Whether your child is an English language learner, a native speaker, or an international school student, our private classes are based on a strategically planned program, crafted just for your kid.

Who are 1-1 classes for?

English language learners who enjoy learning and acquiring language authentically.

Native English speakers who are building their pre-reading, reading, spelling and/or writing skills.

International school students who require support with academic language in an English based curriculum.

Any child with specific learning needs who would benefit from one to one time with a teacher.

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Already after the first hour, everyone in the family fell in love with Michelle’s method of teaching. The love and exceptional creativity with which she approaches her work, along with a deep understanding of the child’s psychology never ceases to amaze us. Our daughter has flourished and the days when she has English class are her favourite in the week. She is progressing visibly and extremely quickly in her understanding of a foreign language. I also have noticed that she has become less shy and more confident in speaking English, and I can only thank Michelle for that.

Nina Klemenčić

Michelle and her learning concept have done so much to help my child grow and learn. I really appreciate Michelle’s dedication to teaching and the care she takes in ensuring that my daughter is able to succeed. Her creative approach to teaching has helped my child learn and she is now starting to build simple sentences. I know my daughter has benefited a great deal from these classes. Learning English this way is the best with Michelle!

Margareta Puškarić

Michelle is an amazing teacher and educator. We have been using her services over the period of six years for both of our kids. We always had very positive experiences. Michelle is extremely dedicated to her work and makes learning fun and interesting. She was instrumental in helping our older child integrate back into the elementary school in the US. Currently she is helping our younger child keep up with English while attending Croatian school. Both of my kids very much enjoyed having lessons with Michelle. I highly recommend it!

Marija Londero

My five-year-old daughter and her friend are taking English lessons with Michelle. Our daughter is very pleased, and so are we. Besides being a ‘native speaker’ (which is a huge advantage over many other English places/schools), Michelle is very professional, and the lessons are well structured (with lots of games, songs, drawing, cutting, shaping). The girls are doing great, adopting words, building sentences, and most importantly, developing a love for a foreign language. Warm recommendations for English lessons with Michelle.

Marija Jakeljić

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