What Do You Mean by Holistic Learning?

Holistic language learning is the fostering of the physical, emotional, mental and creative well-being of a child. 

Kids thereby learn language through meaningful contexts and personally relevant topics that enhance their lives, not just because they are gaining new language knowledge, but also because they are using the language to develop their inner understandings of the world.

Children need to feel and to know that they are learning something for themselves and about themselves; and that they can apply these skills in a meaningful way.

In our Kids’ Program this looks like:

  • The use of toys, manipulatives, real objects and bright, colourful pictures to introduce and reinforce new language.
  • Games and movement activities that make the repetition of basic skills fun and something to look forward to.
  • Having choice and a voice.
  • Authentic learning through play, song, dramatization and creative expression (Arts and Crafts, writing stories, making books, designing models etc.) that deepen a child’s connection to the language studied.
  • Being part of a community by cooperatively interacting and learning with peers.
  • Parents being involved in the learning through regular communication with the teacher and through enrichment activities that can be done at home.

Does this approach sound like something you are ready to explore for (and with!) your child? If yes, I’d love to chat with you. Contact me to set up a free discovery call and together we will discuss how to give your child the best start in English!

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