English for kids & teens

Our Kids’ & Teens’ Intermediate and Advanced English classes are offered in person and online.



Book Talks - For Kids and Teens

Book Talks builds reading comprehension and conversational skills for older kids (8 years+) and teens. We use popular fiction that your child will enjoy. This class is for learners with an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English. It’s also suitable for native speakers who love reading!

Book Talks is offered in small groups of up to 5 kids. Contact us to find out more!



Academic English - For EAL Students Attending International Schools

Does your child do well with social English, but needs help with academic language in school? Through weekly tutorial support, we can help your child keep up with an international school curriculum by supporting their comprehension and use of academic language at the elementary school level.

Through reading, discussions and games, your child will build confidence and get the boost that they need. Academic English is offered as a private class, either in person or online.



Stories & Art - For Kids 5-8

Does your child already have an intermediate to native knowledge of English? In Stories & Art children listen to stories, engage in discussion about the text, and creatively respond to literature through arts and crafts. In doing so, they gain:

  • fine motor development
  • an understanding of line, shape, colour and design
  • sharpened listening and receptive language skills
  • fluency in oral language and spoken expression
  • creative expression

And when they bring their masterpieces home, you will have the perfect opportunity to engage in a conversation about their thinking and learning!

Stories & Art is offered in partner or small group classes of up to 5 children.

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