We offer unique courses designed to advance professionals to the next level in communication, fluency and mindset. These specialized classes are for serious students who want to transform their language experience and achieve their career goals while doing so.

Let's Get Hired!

Let’s face it, getting hired isn’t just about saying the right words or having the right answer. Getting that job you want is just as much about aligning with your goals and having the confidence to express what you can contribute. In this tailored, experiential course you’ll learn what you need to know about career networking and culture in an English speaking world. We will create your elevator speech, write an eye catching resume, and a stand-out, professional cover letter. Through mock interview practice, you will  explore top notch responses and be prepared for those tough questions. But that is not all! Michelle will also help you identify and release mindsets that may be standing in your way, and will support you in aligning with the awesomeness that is authentically you. Take action and advance your career today!

Presentations & Proofreading

Are you feeling a bit nervous about presenting in English at your next conference or event?  I will show you which areas of your presentation need improvement and how to make those adjustments. I will guide you to speak confidently and fluently throughout your presentation, so that you can make the impact you want on your audience.

From proofreading important documents, to coaching you in presenting your speech, I provide valuable, comprehensive support.

English Pronunciation & Linguistics

Do you want to improve your accent and sound more natural when speaking English? Speaking, reading, and writing language is a science, not a guessing game. I can coach you and show you the way!

I will work with you step by step, using an intentional structure, but also adapting lessons to meet your unique needs. In this active class, you will definitely be doing most of the talking.


Being a native Croatian speaker, I came to a point where I needed someone to help me with my English pronunciation. Michelle started from scratch, patiently guiding me through grammar, and vocabulary, and boosting my confidence in speaking. Her engaging teaching style made learning enjoyable, and with her help, I can now see and hear the progress in my speaking skills, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone seeking a supportive and effective English coach.

Veselin Krstovski

Film & Game Actor

I think the big advantage is that I was learning English with a native speaker. I liked the structured work and the focus on improving my areas of need. Learning was fun for me and I loved doing the homework. The use of various professional resources made learning easier and more interesting too.

Michelle is a very pleasant person and made the learning atmosphere that way too. I would definitely like to continue when the time comes for that and I recommend Michelle as a teacher.

Ljiljana Josipović


When I enrolled in a professional course with Michelle I expected to improve my communication skills, but what I didn’t expect was Michelle’s positive influence on my self-confidence. Michelle taught me to value my competencies and experiences more deeply as I was embarking on a new direction in my career. Slowly and imperceptibly, Michelle worked with me not only on my language skills, but also on my confidence. She prepared me for technical interviews, helped me write cover letters, resumes and everything else I needed in order to present myself in the best light to potential employers. I recommend Michelle with all my heart because she is not just a language instructor; she guides and balances you with her knowledge, and with her warm and calm energy. Working with her has made key professional situations easier to navigate.

Nina Klemenčić

UX/UI Designer

Michelle helped me prepare for a job interview abroad, and later she also proofread a business project for me. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Her expertise and professionalism are clearly evident through the way she prepares for each lesson and in the fact that she pays attention to the smallest details. Every class was inspiring because Michelle is extremely creative. Working with her, I had the feeling that I was receiving high-quality service and knowledge which I had never encountered before in Croatia.


Lecturer, Ph.D

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