Early Literacy Classes 3-7 Years



English Foundations

Early literacy is a time for children to learn in playful and multi-sensory ways. In our Foundations program your child will develop vocabulary, phrases and simple sentences in English, while having fun and building positive relationships with peers. Our curriculum has kid approved, thematic units that build language acquisition throughout the school year.

This class is offered in a small group setting of up to 5 kids. Interested? Give us a call or contact us using the form below!

Language is introduced through real objects, toys, flash cards, slides and books.

It is explored through songs, games, puppets, dramatic play, arts and crafts and literature.

Our learning strategies are hands-on and interactive, encouraging your child to be aware, active, and analytical throughout each lesson.



English Essentials

In our Essentials class we develop pre-reading skills (phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, concepts of print), and continue to build English vocabulary and fluency. Students are introduced to classic picture books and literature too. English Essentials is a hands-on, interactive program that encourages your child to be aware, active and analytical within each lesson.

Our goal is not only to teach English, but to sow the seeds for a lifelong love of reading. The program is offered in a small group setting of up to 5 children.

Phonemic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate sounds in words. It is an essential skill for future success in reading and writing.

Alphabetic knowledge is another fundamental aspect of early English Literacy. We learn the names, sounds and symbolic forms of the English alphabet.

Concepts of print (also called “Print Awareness”) is the understanding that print has meaning, serves a function and is organized in special ways.



English Readers & Writers

Now that your child has a solid base in the building blocks of literacy, they are ready to delve into reading and writing. English Readers & Writers:

  • allows students to master phonics and word patterns that will allow them to read and spell confidently
  • develops reading comprehension skills so that kids make meaning out of reading
  • builds awareness and application of the conventions of writing
  • provides opportunities for children to express their ideas creatively through writing projects

This class is offered in a small group setting of up to 5 children.

Cultivating vocabulary and speaking skills is still an integral part of this English program. Your child will begin to use more and more detail, grammatical accuracy, and sentence complexity.

Our classes are intentionally kept small, so that each child has ample opportunity to speak, read aloud, share or present ideas and receive one to one assistance.

Our curriculum is structured and organized to ensure quality teaching and learning. Creativity is added through games, manipulatives, interactions, projects, student choices and interests.

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